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  1. Minimally invasive: no cartilage tissue excised
  2. Safety: almost no risk and complications
  3. Effectiveness: rapid remission of symptoms
  4. Quick recovery: recovery within 24 h without hospitalization

Product Features

Nasclear TMSinus balloon catheter set
Sinus balloon catheter Model Balloon size
FLBC-0516 5×16mm
FLBC-0524 5×24mm
FLBC-0616 6×16mm
FLBC-0624 6×24mm
FLBC-0716 7×16mm
FLBC-0724 7×24mm
Sinus guiding catheter Model Tip angle
FLGC-030 30°
FLGC-070 70°
FLGC-090 90°
FLGC-110 110°
Sinus guide wire Model Length
FLGW-100 100 cm
Sinusrinse catheter Model Diameter
FLFC-20 2.0 mm