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    • Extremely low balloon compliance
    • Strengthened balloon material to sustain high pressure challenge
    • Low crossing profile for optimal deliverability and tackability

    Technical Specifications

    Nominal Pressure 10 atm Proximal Shaft Diameter 2.0F
    Rated Burst Pressure 20 atm Distal Shaft Diameter 2.6F
    Average Burst Pressure 26 atm Recommended Guidewire 0.014"
    Balloon Compliance Extremely Low (<5%) Recommended Guiding Catheter 5F
    Usable Length 140 cm Balloon Folding 3
    Entry Profile 0.016" Marker Band 2
    Crossing Profile(3.0mm balloon) 0.030" Coating Ex-LubeTM

    Order Information

    Diameter(mm) Balloon Length(mm)
    10 12 15 20 25 30
    2.50 HP2510 HP2512 HP2515 HP2520 HP2525 HP2530
    2.75 HP27510 HP27512 HP27515 HP27520 HP27525 HP27530
    3.00 HP3010 HP3012 HP3015 HP3020 HP3025 HP3030
    3.50 HP3510 HP3512 HP3515 HP3520 HP3525 HP3530
    4.00 HP4010 HP4012 HP4015 HP4020 HP4025 HP4030
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