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    • Taped catheter tip with minimal damage to vessels during insertion
    • High RBP (24atm) to assure the safety during the dilatation of calcified lesion
    Double base luer for guide wire access and oblique compression route
    Balloon Diameter Catheter Length: 500mm Catheter Length: 800mm
    Balloon Length Balloon Length
    4.00mm 5.00mm 6.00mm 7.00mm 4.00mm 5.00mm 6.00mm 7.00mm
    10mm PBD4010 PBD5010 PBD6010 PBD7010 PBD4010 PBD5010 PBD6010 PBD7010
    20mm PBD4020 PBD5020 PBD6020 PBD7020 PBD4020 PBD5020 PBD6020 PBD7020
    40mm PBD4040 PBD5040 PBD6040 PBD7040 PBD4040 PBD5040 PBD6040 PBD7040
    60mm PBD4060 PBD5060 PBD6060 PBD7060 PBD4060 PBD5060 PBD6060 PBD7060
    80mm PBD4080 PBD5080 PBD6080 PBD7080 PBD4080 PBD5080 PBD6080 PBD7080
    100mm PBD40100 PBD50100 PBD60100 PBD70100 PBD40100 PBD50100 PBD60100 PBD70100
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