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    • Minimally invasive – No damage to the bone and tissue (anatomical intact)
    • Effective – Instant symptom relief and lasting
    • Safe – Virtually no risk and complications
    Nasclear TM Sinuplasty Catheter Set
    Sinuplasty Balloon Catheter Catalogue No. Balloon Size Sinuplasty Guiding Catheter Catalogue No. Tip Angle
    FLBC-0516 5×16mm FLGC-000
    FLBC-0524 5×24mm FLGC-030 30°
    FLBC-0616 6×16mm FLGC-070 70°
    FLBC-0624 6×24mm FLGC-090 90°
    FLBC-0716 7×16mm FLGC-110 110°
    FLBC-0724 7×24mm
    Sinuplasty Guide Wire Catalogue No. Length Sinuplasty Flushing Catheter Catalogue No. Outer Diameter
    FLGW-100 100 cm FLFC-20 2.0 mm
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